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We are a family-owned company with a strong team spirit. The next generation has already introduced their fresh ideas into the company which connect splendidly with our previously acquired experiences. Our strengths are high moral and business standards, responsibility, professionalism, positive thinking as well as openness to new challenges and changes. Together we invest in new expertise and development as well as build on a trade-mark in order to become a recognisable and successful international company.

Over the years we have learned a lot and worked hard to become one of the leading companies in timber procurement in Slovenia. Over the past years we have strengthened our cooperation with the important partners in Europe. Their main reasons for trusting us are our reliability, ability to respect agreements and transparency. We want to spread our positive experiences and bring them to customers all over the world.

Our Country

Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe and is rich with nature. Forest areas represent over 60% of the country. We are the third most forested country in the EU.

In our country, strict rules and standards apply in the forestry industry. The requirements are higher than the PEFC and FSC certificate frameworks. Therefore, we operate in accordance with the regulations of these certificates and they are indispensable part of our work.


Vobenca d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 24C,
4000 Kranj
SI - Slovenia

email: info@vobenca.si

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